The working frequency of the GPS signal jammer is the same as the expected signal of the receiver

The installation of telephone communication equipment in prisons meets very strict standards. This is to prevent the communication network outside the prison from being disturbed. Mobile jammers prevent mobile phones from being used in certain areas. They communicated by waving on the shelf. The mobile phone portable jammer blocks the mobile phone and reception by sending waves, thereby preventing the communication between the mobile device and the relay antenna. According to a measure approved by a US Senate committee on Wednesday, states can apply for permission to operate wireless phones in prisons to prevent prisoners from rescheduling crimes. The Senate’s Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee approved the law in Washington and sent it to the Senate for review. According to bipartisan laws, states can apply to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to use wireless phones that are interfered with by WLAN signals.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) also play an important role in robberies. In addition to recorded intrusions, criminal groups using drones are also looking for larger target facilities, looking for safety hazards and routine procedures, such as security personnel, when and where. In Australia, criminal groups have begun to use drones to implement complex smuggling measures. These teams monitor port personnel. If workers are close to illegal or prohibited items, criminal gangs will open fire, steal or other false alarms to attract security personnel.

The operating frequency of the GPS signal jammer is the same as the expected signal of the receiver, and the signal strength is higher. If the jammer has enough power and a sufficiently wide signal spectrum, all receivers can be jammed in a base station. Another option is to block a copy of the expected signal and have the receiver receive the interference signal instead of the expected signal. The U.S. Army is now looking for UAV jammers that will dominate future electronic warfare (EW), and is turning to a less well-understood and easy-to-regulate contract type to achieve these goals. NextGov reports. The Russian military has stopped some U.S. military drones flying over Syria, and these UAVs have seriously affected U.S. military operations.