Jammers have little effect on human health

Interference equipment product description Function adjustable power shielding 5.8G WiFi interference 4G signal shielding 2G 3G is a company that uses advanced high-tech, foreign advanced technology, imported components, and a shielding cover developed specifically for inspection rooms, prison conference rooms, and home mobile phones The shielding product depends on the actual situation of the communication. This product is independently developed by us. The production and sales of jammers can effectively shield the microwave signal between the radio and the mobile phone. This product is imported original equipment, ensuring first-class product quality, stable performance, durability, professional head welding technology, assembly line production, high efficiency, and strict control level.

There is a blocking device that will interfere with the radio waves of the phone. It will interfere with the radio waves around you. A handheld jammer that you carry with you. You can prevent mobile devices from sending and receiving travel signals to nearby stations. Reduce unnecessary mobile phone noise. Seek peace and tranquility. Can maintain a quiet state of mind. Support all phone signals. Due to the built-in battery, charging is easy. It has many advantages. You can protect a quiet environment. Annoying mobile phone sounds bother many people. You can buy cheap deterrents here. The signal in the mobile phone frequency band is easily blocked. The mobile phone cannot be received within the effective range. You can prevent unnecessary phone noise. It allows you to spend quiet time. This feature is also very useful when users receive harassing calls. There are many types of GPS interference. You can choose the equipment according to the actual situation and requirements.

LOJACK Blocker

As far as radiation issues are concerned, school facilities are annoyingly open tenders, and the purchased products have passed national quality inspections and reached safety standards. The scope of influence is limited to the dormitory area and does not affect the surrounding residents. Also mentioned the radiation test, the results showed that the radiation is very low and does not affect health. The region has studied the possibility of buying jammers because it is struggling with inappropriate cell phone users. A school council said: I think they have no place in the educational environment. The educational environment should be relevant to the learner, and teachers and teachers cannot teach on mobile phones. When students are busy using mobile phones, they will not learn. This is a distraction… we must minimize distractions.