Criminals use portable jammers to destroy

The occupants can use mobile phone handheld jammer to continue drug trafficking or organized crime. Officials threatened and intimidated witnesses and even planned murders. To cite a few examples of mobile phones causing chaos inside prison walls: In Britain, a prisoner opened a cocaine ring, arranged for the murder of a teenager in a hateful manner, and organized the murder of a gang leader. Prosecutors said that in 2018, two inmates used smuggled mobile phones at the Pelican Bay State Prison in California to use violent street gangs in drug trafficking. South Carolina officials accused the prison of rioting. The gang killed 7 prisoners in a lawn war between territory, money and contraband such as drugs and mobile phones between the gang in April 2018.

The art of the problem is the OBB bypass tool (car diagnostic program), available from China and Eastern Europe. Before reprogramming the empty key, the potential thief only needs to intercept the wireless transmission between the valid smart key and the car. With the new key/tag, criminals can open or start the car through the OBD system and protocol. Radio frequency and wireless sniffers and interference products are available on the Internet. The product descriptions on these sites are usually so poorly written that they confirm the foreign ancestry of most providers. By the way, deliberate interference with RF signals is illegal in the United States.

Bazaar is the chair of the Swalund Foundation in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the director of the University of Illinois Advanced Research Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Basar said: “The prototype introduced in this article captures scenarios that occur in many application areas, such as remote sensing systems, network control systems, and cyber-physical systems.” For example, sensors collect information over a period of time and transmit data to a decision center. The decision center must strive to accurately process the raw data. Since the data must be encoded and then decoded before the decision center, it may damage the data. Time constraints and limited energy make things more difficult. To further complicate the problem, portable jammers actually block a lot of noise, which prevents the system from operating.