Portable jammers are not as large as desktop shields

US military officials did not mention whether the latest interference caused the drone to crash on grounds of operational safety. But the source told the National Broadcasting Corporation that Russia’s advanced jammer equipment was developed by its military and proved to be effective even for certain encrypted signals and anti-jamming receivers. Russia has sent microsatellites into space and secretly manipulated small spacecraft near commercial satellites. Experts believe that these small satellites can be used to perform Kamikaze missions to influence or monitor another satellite to collect data or interfere with its capabilities.

Medical services that have been closed for several years are now being reopened by integrating an important technological development at the prison level, and if the technology works, it can be used in other facilities. In 2017, 70,000 inmates in 180 prisons in France seized 40067 phones and accessories. In addition, according to the government, portable handheld jammer are largely ineffective. During the renovation of the health prison in Paris, the authorities decided to develop and maintain a brand new six-person mobile phone jamming system, the French company SAGI.fr. At the same time, landline phones are now installed in the equipment.

According to the product manual, the Perfectjammer pistol uses signal jammers with frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and has equivalent technology to prevent GPS and Russian GLONASS. At the end of 2017, Perfectjammer will provide an automatic long-range drone/unmanned driving system, which will provide a small drone detection system, such as DJI Phantom 5 kilometers away, 360-degree panoramic coverage, no blind spots, and intuitive tracking, identification and The distance of the clear function drone is 2 kilometers. The system consists of advanced military radar, advanced EO/IR visible light day and night thermal infrared PTZ surveillance camera system, as well as powerful RF signal interceptor and broad-spectrum GPS suppressor. The automated system will provide 24/7 detection, tracking and elimination of drones/unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as optional static obstacles for permanent installation, so as to make it mobile, perimeter security, incidents, Airport and high-altitude operations are safe. Value goals. The threat can reach 10 kilometers in diameter.