Portable jammer tools are tools for crime prevention

If this idea has never been realized in previous road safety reforms, it is simply because it seems difficult to implement. Technically, this is entirely possible (you only need to integrate a jammer), but this comes at the expense of a lot of freedom. First of all, it is not completely forbidden to make phone calls while driving. Therefore, in the event that the transmitter is interfered, even a driver using a legally licensed in-vehicle system will disconnect from the network. There is also an expert question: drivers, taxis, delivery men, sellers, craftsmen, etc. often talk while driving. Therefore, the jammer will have a negative impact on its activities.

Like most military combat platforms, the Stryker infantry carrier also uses multiple GPS receivers. A device called MAPS (Fixed Precision Navigation and Timing System) is installed on Strykers. The MAPS kit replaces multiple GPS receivers with devices that use GPS receivers. It also uses chip-level atomic clocks for timing, selective availability, and uses an anti-spoofing module (SAASM) for navigation. There is an anti-handheld jammer antenna for distributing PNT information. Tests show that even if the GPS signal is weakened or weakened, MAPS can still continue to work. The Army plans to install MAPS in heavy armored vehicles (such as Bradley tanks, M1 Abrams tanks, and M109 Paladins). A similar device was developed for the retreated soldiers.

He said that the lack of mobile phone signal will seriously affect the economic and social life of residents because they cannot optimize their lives or keep in touch with their family and relatives. He said: “Children who study and rely on the Internet for research will also suffer. This also applies to their social life. Their interaction through social media now depends on the Internet.” Palabrica also acknowledged that portable jammer tools are tools for crime prevention , Especially a tool used to curb drug trafficking in prison facilities. However, he said that the agency’s law enforcement officers should first ensure that the use of mobile phones is prohibited in cells.

The interference of the mobile phone is its sound. Devices that prevent cell phone signal transmission or interference with cell phone reception. They can cause interference in the frequency range used by mobile phones and can interfere with communication between phone users and base stations. But why should one think that cell phone jammers are used more and more in public schools than in other state agencies? Or even a private company? It may be because a cell phone jammer was found in the school and the cell phone interfered with the cell phone signal.