Jammers are used very frequently in prisons

In detention centers where prisoners can be seen, the use of portable mobile phone jammers can prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world through mobile phones and certain electronic devices. Although the use of mobile phones is prohibited in prisons, the media and visitors are abundant, and no one can guarantee that irregular electronic devices will go to prison. Therefore, more and more prisons and detention centers are using interference products. The use of interference devices during the test can prevent candidates from using certain high-tech electronic products to provide or search for answers, thereby keeping the test room safe. Gas stations will purchase portable mobile phone jammers and prevent them from using mobile phones, thereby effectively avoiding some security risks related to the use of mobile phones. Just like a gas explosion caused by static electricity.

If you don’t want to use a portable device and instead turn your attention to the type (desktop version) you want to install on the portable device, you need to make sure that 90% of your phone is available to cell phone jammer, which is considered a desktop. Will have a better working space than a portable computer. In addition, you should know that any signal blocking device generates a lot of heat when it is working, and the desktop version has a more powerful cooling system than the portable device. On the other hand, the portable version has a wider range of models. If you are willing to spend some extra cash, then you have the opportunity to buy a pretty good product, simply because there are even mobile phone cases in disguise.

Do you want to know how to block 4G signals and have a deeper understanding of 4G mobile phone interference devices? OK, then check the text below for more information. Since there are many types of 4G blockers on the market, we can only take an example as an example. Check the desktop jammer here, its name is “10W high-power adjustable remote control 4G mobile phone” jammer, we can see This mobile phone jammer device can be operated by a remote control, so this 4G blocker is ideal for people who don’t want to get close to the jammer device. In addition, this 3G cell phone blocker can simultaneously cut off the CDMA-GSM-DCS/PCS signal with 4 antennas, which is enough to turn off the CDMA GSM DCS/PCS 4G signal in the jammer. Therefore, this 3G mobile phone jammer adopts a desktop design and is powered by a power adapter with a good heat dissipation system, so it can be used continuously. For those who need to use 24/7 jammers, this 4G jammer is a good choice.