Learn to use cell phone jammers to protect yourself

With the development of technology, we have gradually entered the information network era. Nowadays, everyone’s life is inseparable from mobile phones, computers and other network tools. In fact, almost all cars are now equipped with a lot of electronic equipment. However, all these devices must be connected to the network to function properly. There are always some hackers living in the dark, and they use advanced hacking techniques to easily steal our privacy. We can use signal interference to protect ourselves, such as signal cell phone jammer.

However, if GPS cannot be used for a day or GPS is used incorrectly, for example, B. Illegal tracking. As we all know, putting all eggs in one basket is very dangerous. Therefore, there are some alternatives to GPS navigation systems. They are GLONASS, cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation. GLONASS is very clear to the public, just like the similar GPS in Russia, and tower triangulation and WiFi navigation may require some explanation. We start with WiFi navigation. The system is under development, but the first step will be taken by Google. In the Street View project, Google collected information about thousands of WiFi hotspots that can be used for navigation. As long as the physical location of these wireless hotspots is fixed, the location between at least three locations can be calculated. The signal strength is used to calculate the distance of each hot spot. The closer the hot spot, the stronger the signal. It can be widely spread in the future. But it also has two disadvantages: Compared with GPS, its results are not accurate. And it can only be in densely populated areas where there are a lot of WiFi hotspots.

When I read the news, I was surprised. When I didn’t have a mobile phone in middle or high school, the times had changed. When we meet another friend at another school, we need to write a letter or call their dormitory number. Sometimes, if they do not come on time, we have to wait a long time. But now, we just send quick messages or dial his mobile number. The problem is solved very simply. At that time, the Internet was not universal, so we paid a lot of attention to the classroom. There is not much information to search after school. Therefore, our knowledge only comes from textbooks or test work. Today, students can search for information on the Internet. Or they can download the required information. Although many students do not want to attend class, they just want to play computer games, surf the Internet or chat with friends on their mobile phones.