The use area of ​​the jammer is also different

There are many kinds of jammers on the market, and the use area of ​​each jammer is also different. Many websites sell electronic products. For example, portable GPS jammers may interfere with GPS tracking systems and block your current location at any time. Multi-band mobile cell phone jammer can not only shield commonly used 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signals, but also GPS WiFi signals. Shoot down or force the drone back. How to choose the right jammer is very important, just like choosing a mobile phone, the habit of using it is also very important. Many people have asked this question to our support team, and knowing how to answer this question correctly is very important. The first thing we want to mention is that the most important thing you need to know here, and we will use this as a starting point, is that people need to make sure that the equipment they choose suits their needs.

In March, Ctrack announced that the interference signal detection solution will become part of the joint fleet management software package. Jordt said: “We are now able to provide customers with the option of installing a GSM interference fault detection module as part of their fleet management system to ensure continuous visibility and combat vehicle theft.” Through the fleet management component, fleet owners can monitor The behavior of the driver, such as B. Monitor hard drive driving, acceleration, braking, turning and driving too fast. By monitoring factors such as engine performance and fuel consumption, it can also save a lot of fuel and maintenance costs.

Spokane Hill bought a cellphone jammer online for less than $100 and has just completed a three-day trial period to frustrate students writing texts in the classroom. Director John Hook said: “We just think this is something we want to evaluate.” The Mead School District is working with the FCC to determine if the equipment is legal before it can be used again. The jammer device is turned on during school hours and turned off during traffic hours and lunch breaks. Hawke said: “We believe that sometimes parents need to contact students during school, and students need to contact family members, doctors, etc.” But class time is not one of them. Student policy requires students to turn off their mobile phones and keep them invisible during class. But not everyone obeyed.