Portable phone signal jammer can enjoy absolute privacy

The development and expansion of wireless technology not only brings us benefits and mobility, but also brings risks. The extensive commercial use of the company’s Wi-Fi wireless network has spawned the next generation of hackers for wireless attacks. Here, we will analyze the main risks of wireless networks and how to minimize or eliminate them. First of all, you should know that traditional wired networks use wires to transmit data. They are protected by several serious means. The first line of defense is the physical boundary of the building where the network is located. Other defense measures are firewalls and IDS/IPS traffic analysis systems. Therefore, if a hacker wants to achieve his goal, he will have to sneak into the building and connect directly to the network, or break through the firewall. Wired networks are better protected than wireless networks, and we will see the facts later. However, due to improper use of wireless networks, even these networks are easily damaged.

In many cases, we need GPS, cell phones and other interfering devices to protect their privacy. By using cell phone jammers or gps blocker, users will be able to interfere with GPS and mobile radio waves. Once these waves are stopped, it is impossible for others to detect their location. Although it turns out that mobile phones are one of the most useful communication tools, problems can sometimes arise. However, by using a portable phone signal jammer, you can enjoy absolute privacy. This will ensure that the waves will not move in a given area. When other people try to use the phone in the area, the caller will receive a message that the user is not available. This tool is also useful when people enter extremely confidential areas and cannot make calls. It also helps to hold seminars where speakers don’t want their attendees to be distracted by the phone and disturb other attendees.

A company called CSR created its SiRFstarV chip, which can use all available location tracking data sources to accurately determine indoor and outdoor locations (up to 10 meters). Similarly, Broadcom has also developed the BCM4752 microchip, which allows you to place your smartphone outdoors, indoors or even underground. height. Their microchips have the highest precision among other chips on the market, which means a few inches of precision. Are you happy to discover the possibility of this follow-up inspection? Or maybe you are worried about being tracked in one of these ways? If it is true, you can prevent your smartphone from tracking your location anywhere and keep it confidential. In fact, the United States was the first country to use GPS jamming devices. Russia ranks second because residents of these countries are more inclined and eager to protect their privacy from invasion. These two countries can use the most advanced technology to track employees. India is the third largest user of jamming technology, in which signal jamming devices are used to protect public places from terrorist attacks.