The local police department should issue a serious warning to the drone jammer

Most wireless contracts in the United States set rates as a series of minutes per month for talk time and limited text messages. After launching modern smartphones and tablets (such as the iPad), their plans now include a reliable amount of information. Obviously, in the United States, when customers exceed these hard limits, the invoices generated are usually much more expensive than the monthly quota price calculated by the quota price. Although many operators provide customers with a way to verify their usage, many operators do not.

Since people often take the cornerstone of survival for granted, we have reached the point where no food is regarded as a necessity, just as our blood is regarded as a necessity. No ordinary person would think that they always need to pump blood through a vein, nor would they survive because of a beating heart. This is what our body looks like, we haven’t considered it yet. If you read this blog, you can think about food and water in the same way. You don’t need to point out its source because it still exists. Therefore, since our basic food still exists, this fact allows us to start creating new things for life. We need our air conditioner. We need TV. These headphones cost $400. Without advanced smartphones, we would not be able to survive. It seems that we have become a huge country of young people who hysterically shout: “You are wasting my life!” When parents pick up our smartphones or car keys.

The unattended opportunity punctured, or why every VIP must protect itself from drone attacks. Last Saturday (August 4) Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (President Nicholas Maduro) aircraft drama first attack (President Maduro turned his head after the explosion). The details are not yet clear, but one thing is clear: Soon after President Maduro spoke in front of thousands of soldiers in Caracas, the drone equipped with improvised explosive devices was detonated. As far as we know, this is the first time a drone has been used to assassinate a VIP. Although this attempt may fail (President Maduro survives), drone jammer carrying bombs should issue a serious warning to the authorities. Protect their VIP.