A multifunctional jammer can satisfy all signals

This is an external antenna type examination room used to interfere with cell phone jammer. The jammer Bluetooth deterrent is mainly used in laboratories, prisons, gas stations, gas depots, gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, courts, labor camps, conference rooms, theaters, churches, and libraries to prevent cell phone bombs. Used for confidential opportunities in schools, dormitories and special security places (negotiation rooms, mobile cars, mobile phones, government officials and other security places in politics and business, inspection rooms, classrooms, prisons, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, Theaters, hospitals, military places, and other prohibited places. Fixed distraction places: use mobile phones in the prison area to prevent guards and other prisoners from being outdoors. In this world, candidates can prevent and eliminate the use of glamorous modern communication tools. You can continue reading and learning quietly, including in the classroom, students and non-serious speeches. Prevent text messages. As a high-end entertainment, it can eliminate noise and keep the audience’s interest in performance. The court can maintain seriousness and sacredness. Electromagnetic Cover the military field to prevent the leakage of military secrets. Through the emergency opening of the house, the surface adopts the most advanced secondary oxidation process, which is attractive and durable. The total transmission power of the 2W41-5m mobile phone is the use of signal strength to change the effective shielding of the environment , But it is not fixed, but the effective distance is 5-15 meters from GPS.

Since the beginning of the technology, it has been known that GPS is easy to prevent and phishing loopholes. Although reports about the threat of adversaries’ implementation of gps jammer technology are mainly concentrated in Russia, it is one of many countries that develop GPS jamming and anti-spoofing technologies. According to reports, China equipped military vehicles with GPS jammers in 2007, while North Korea is said to have blocked GPS signals from South Korean aircraft several times since 2010. The GPS wifi interceptor works by sending its own signal at the same frequency as the GPS unit, which is a noisy signal, preventing it from receiving or transmitting useful information in the form of sound bursts or continuous waves. GPS blockers can be purchased online, ranging in size from a small cigarette lighter to a suitcase, ranging from a few meters to a few hundred. You can buy a combined jammer that can also block your phone for a few hundred dollars.