Portable cell phone signal jammer is good for work

Brain activation shield, control brain bluetooth interference video signal shield, brain waves from 2.4g electromagnetic shield. Thank you for purchasing our company’s handheld/portable cell phone jammer. This product is a researcher of our company and uses modern high Technology development of completely independent information intellectual property rights, detailed analysis of communication mechanisms, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic radiation control methods, so as to effectively prevent electromagnetic waves from leaking through the phone. Safe products that can be formed within the scope of world protection can eliminate the problem of mobile phones that answer the phone. The noise and pollution generated. Where are the fixed jammers used: various offices, confidential offices, negotiation rooms. The flow of cars, the movement of political and business dignitaries accompany the scene, various types of companies, political parties and government agencies, small or temporary meeting rooms. Very suitable for the special needs of business and personal life! Function: High-density integrated circuits and SMD resistors have all advanced performance, small size, easy to carry and operate, 2 times of charging, battery replacement, sliding cover can be opened, stable characteristics. Excellent performance of Bluetooth suppressor: concealed, portable, small, lightweight, start-up time up to 2-3 hours, can be easily charged, easy to use 6 times! Low power consumption, harmless to human body, no damage and environmental protection! As shown in Figure 1, 1, 6, 2G, 3G, 4G GPS single frequency band, while blocking the full-featured GPS signal, block the 2G / 3G / 4G / GPS satellite frequency band switch of all mobile phones.

Although NBC News claims that it is affecting small drones and not MQ-9 Reaper or large drones, it is not clear which drones are being affected. This means that although gps jammer are effective, they have a short operating range, and larger drones can fly above them. On the other hand, as the maritime authority pointed out, large UAVs also have backup inertial navigation systems and do not rely entirely on GPS. Paper jams can affect smaller tactical drones, such as RQ-7 Shadow or ScanEagle. Russia’s use of interference in non-full-scale warfare will reduce its effectiveness in actual warfare, because the US and allied forces have studied these signals and found ways to overcome these signals and improve anti-UAV jammer systems. The US Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS for precise positioning. In the long run, providing military support to a regime that wastes its own people may end up hurting Russia militarily, let alone politically.