4G mobile phone jammer equipment deployed in buildings

In order to monitor mobile phone activity in a given area, an established configuration is designed. It’s like building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences on the physical boundaries, communication control equipment was deployed. Options may include managed access features, where cellular communications can be allowed and denied based on operator authorization. There are many other options for deploying 4G cell phone jammer devices in many buildings or areas. These cellular interference units can deny access to a large number of individual buildings or complex corridors, conference rooms, many small offices and private rooms at any time.

According to reports, a driver in Indonesia was ignited by static electricity in the mobile phone during use, and burned after the gasoline vapor exploded, and severely damaged the car. Too scary In order to protect yourself from danger, it is necessary to install a high-power cell phone blocker. The threat of mobile phones to gas stations and their users worldwide is largely due to their ability to generate sparks. In order to stop sparks, our stone has selected many jammers for you. For these reasons, some people, especially teenagers, are prone to drop their phones when they are at the station.

In order to prevent drones from “black flying”, international airports have been adopting a multi-pronged approach. On January 18 this year, the mountain area issued a “one-stop service” in the airport customs clearance area to inform the relevant regulations and illegal sanctions for illegal flight activities. Recently, the airport deliberately prepared a work plan to prevent and control Hangzhou Mountain Airport to ensure that it closes on time. Aircraft airport entrance area (UAV). The most promising “dark technology” in today’s airport methods is the tested “electronic fence” technology. Electronic fences are very popular and have been installed in airports to interfere with GPS jammers. “In the actual test, the interference radius was 15 kilometers.” On the day of the test, the drone was 11 kilometers away from the hotel, and the phone was equipped with electronic fence remote control software. After opening the electronic portal, the drone will immediately lose the transmission of images and links. The drone cannot accept instructions and can only return to the ground based on its GPS system. Electronic barriers will hinder success.