4G jammer blocks the function of 4G tracking devices

A man asked us a question: “My insurance company put a black box in my car. It has a built-in GPS and is tracking my speed. I want to block the whole thing.” First, we will analyze how to locate And keep track of this box. Internal (hidden IMEI number-Telit’s standard GSM module): So it is a dual-core positioning device: GSM + GPS both! Therefore, you need a jammer that can block GSM (GPRS) + GPS, because if you only use a mini gps jammer to block the box GPS, you can automatically activate GPRS-GSM positioning through the integrated SIM card. Maybe you have a problem: GSM jammer will block the signal.. It will also block your phone’s signal lol? Yes, it will only block the GSM signal, but will not affect the 4G signal, so you can answer the call.

While many people are complaining about the latest 4G signal, many people are complaining and ensuring the quietness of meeting rooms, classrooms, and late at night. When people need to sleep, 4G jammers interrupt the 4G phone signal and keep it quiet. Therefore, 4G jammers may also prevent the function of 4G tracking devices. Do you want to stop being persecuted or find peace in life or other situations? I often want to install mobile interference devices in my store, but of course, for business purposes, I rely more and more on it. Maybe I am part of the problem. Cell phones are a useful tool, but over time, I find them more and more annoying. I bet that something has happened to all of you: you are in the middle of a sales pitch, trying to get a portion of the hard-earned income from your customers, and you have made great strides when you hear a music episode, whistle or Other annoying sound effects come out of his (or her) pocket.