GPS jammers can protect people’s privacy

As a professional jammer supplier, we provide and sell various jammer products, such as mobile phone jammers, GSM jammers, GPS jammers, WiFi/Bluetooth jammers, 5G jammers, drone jammers, etc. All products here are of high quality and designed to provide more convenience to those who need them. Therefore, let us only take cell phone jammers and gps jammer as examples. Although they are of different types, they also have some things in common, which are helpful to people. This means that both phone jammers and GPS jammers can help protect people’s privacy. However, before buying, you need to know the function of sending signals to the mobile phone jammer and the frequency band to be blocked, so that you can directly enter the correct catalog and accurately select the jammer you need.

By exploiting network vulnerabilities to turn your mobile phone into a distracting device and disrupt the small city network, only twelve calls are required. Researchers have found a way to make ordinary mobile phones. In some cases, jammers may interfere with other calls, such as BB in a movie theater, classroom or meeting room. Phone calls are prohibited in some places. The prison will install jammers to prevent prisoners from claiming to be a prison. This “trouble” is not suitable for personal use, is expensive and has low energy consumption. Because they prevent emergency calls, they also pose security risks. Now, computer scientists have shown that even business phones can be changed due to software changes. The team led by the Institute of Software Technology and the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science exchanged software on mobile phones and took advantage of their weaknesses in the GSM radio standard. Computer scientists presented their research results at a security seminar and will develop an electronic device that can suppress cell phone signals.