Mobile jammers can transmit via the same radio frequency

The ability to successfully block cell phone signals is basically the same as the ability to block any other type of cellular communication with standard signal blockers. Please note that wireless devices can operate by directly communicating with designated service networks through base stations or towers. These towers divide the city into units or smaller areas. When mobile phone users drive along the street, the signal is passed between the towers like a football. cell phone jammer can successfully transmit through the same radio frequencies used by these wireless devices. This “white noise” effectively interrupts the communication between the base station in the tower and the mobile phone. This is technically known as “denial of service.” The cell phone jammer kit is specially developed to eliminate the signal in the radio spectrum of the cell phone within the range of the interfering device.

Most alarms are now wireless, and some tool thieves have replaced their knives with GSM jammers. GSM jammers or “jammers” are indeed a new weapon for villains, which can eliminate the communication of GSM alarms. The GSM jammer can be put in your pocket, and the price of an entry-level product is less than 50 euros. This tool can only provide equipment for certain organized criminals and only accounts for a small percentage of thieves, but as long as this technology proves to be somewhat effective, it should continue to grow. At least for individuals, this device is regulated, let alone banned on French territory, but of course, you can easily get a “banned” model on the Internet with just a few clicks.