Mobile phone network jammers have distracted many lives

Almost everyone uses mobile phones everywhere, whether it’s theaters, educational institutions, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, or anywhere else. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on their phones instead of spending quality time with their families or focusing on organizational goals. Mobile phones can help you in many ways, but it also distracts a lot of life. This is where mobile network jammers come into play. Interference refers to the blocking of objects. Therefore, mobile interference refers to the fact that network signals block the mobile phone, thereby denying access to the Internet and sending SMS or phone calls. Monitoring all types of calls and sending people regular messages can provide adequate advice on phone or number abuse. The same software can be installed on the phone, and the software can be used to monitor the frequency, content and number of sending or calling. Any random information that is suddenly added or sent will be captured immediately, if remote fraud is in progress, it can be captured immediately without causing serious harm. If you suspect that you might be hit by percussion, you can buy a portable cell phone jammer.

The GSM jammer or GSM blocker only hides the GSM frequency band. The radio communication between the control panel and its components will not be affected as it is transmitted on the 433 and/or 868 MHz frequency band. Therefore, the anti-theft device uses a GSM jammer to prevent the phone from issuing a warning. In addition, thieves can interrupt the telephone line to ensure that there is no alarm to leave the house. The computer used in the study is the same as the previous computer in Berlin, as long as 11 mobile phones can weaken the Berlin network. The scientist said: “You can respond to all paging requests and block the moving area.” This affects the entire community. However, more calls need to be made during peak hours to meet the needs of more disruptive providers. Attackers can cover an area of ​​200 square kilometers on average in Berlin.

Mobile jammers are hard to find. Researchers say that the only way to prevent such attacks is to change the GSM standard. These will be difficult to implement. They complain that the industry refuses to add new standards to existing networks. As more authentication and traffic can resolve this vulnerability, it will also be expensive. Since attacks not only target network operators and organizations, but also individual users, they may cause further financial losses when security breaches occur.