Information about mobile jammers has been flooding for years

Now, by running this device (seriously, don’t buy any kind of device) and verifying whether the malicious behavior has been advertised, the federal law has been violated for a few minutes, all you have to do is to open it and find out, this How it works. I certainly didn’t expect much of the $8 I spent on this device, but despite this, it was fascinating to see how easy it is to have so much trouble.

There are only two main components on one side of the circuit board: a 78M05 regulator that can be used to reduce the vehicle’s 12 volts to 5 volts, and the hacker’s old friend NE555 timer. Before we see one of the most iconic ICs in electronic history, it’s a shame not to have to turn off illegal cell phone jammer.

However, if you do not want to interfere with AM radio, 555 will not turn it off. When we turn to the board, we first understand the real troublemakers.

Part of me thinks that the mini GPS jammer will not work at all, or at least not so bad that it is not a problem. However, contrary to tradition, the cheaply imported equipment from eBay managed to exceed all my expectations.

It’s not that I am happy about it. Of course, information about manufacturing such cell phone jammers has been flooded for years, but you still need to master some basic knowledge to actually purchase and assemble parts. With such a low entry bar, it is obviously dangerous to use incorrect hands. Although WiFi or cellular jammers may pose a more imminent threat, it is not a technology that everyone wants to spread