Wi-Fi signal jammer disables all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections around you

As we have already mentioned, the connection between the helicopter and the smartphone is the most vulnerable place here, and we will use it to disable the MeCam helicopter. It uses the 2,4 GHz frequency, which has been widely used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and we were able to stop it. All you need to do is a portable wifi jammer. The device will disable all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections around you and make the MeCam uncontrolled. In addition, it will definitely block video streaming. Fortunately, there is a way to stop this gadget. As long as it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transmit the data it collects, a simple 2.4 GHz interfering device can stop it. In this case, Glass will not be able to transmit any data because it will not be able to connect to the user’s smartphone. It will protect you from this tracking because base station cell tower triangulation uses the phone frequency to determine your rough position between the three nearest base station cell towers, so this calculation is based on the signal power of each base station. A simple GSM blocker will be able to block these frequencies, but you should use it within a short period of time because all phones will be blocked around you.

The system has nothing to worry about because it is not that new. We will try to explain how it works and how to protect ourselves from the indoor navigation system. The first thing we should mention is that it uses GPS for navigation where available, and when the GPS signal is blocked, it only remembers the latest coordinates, and then the new indoor navigation system starts to work. The GPS-free navigation chip can update your last known coordinates by calculating data from accelerometer, gyroscope and built-in compass. Therefore, the system can detect your heading and speed and update your position accordingly. It is completely autonomous, it only needs to obtain the initial coordinates from the GPS, and then only uses its own data. Therefore, if you use a GPS signal jammer, it will not work because it will not be able to obtain these initial coordinates.