GPS signal jammer will interfere with GPS and mobile phone frequency

If you will interfere with the GPS frequency and make the tracker inoperable, this idea is indeed widespread, but it is wrong. If you want to block GPS, the original coordinates will still be determined and will still be tracked. Benefit from cell tower triangulation and GSM compatibility of the device itself. Non-GPS navigation is very useful in areas where GPS cannot be used, and can be used anywhere that the mobile phone covers. By the way, Octo Telematics Tracker uses the same frequency as a mobile phone, but it modulates the signal like GPRS. However, what we are telling you at perfectjammer is that Octo Telematics Tracker can definitely be blocked. For this, we must determine which radio frequency it uses. They are GPS (1575.42; 1227.60; 1176.45 MHz) and GSM-GPRS (850/1900 MHz). Therefore, you may need a combined A-gps jammer, which will interfere with GPS and mobile phone frequencies. This may be the only possibility to stop the tracking device without damaging or shutting it down!

I’m from England, UK, and here is a new system that can personalize car insurance prices according to our driving style. They installed a device called a “black box”, but I believe the real term is Telematics using GPS and cell phone data through the SIM card in the device. They will use this feature to see how many miles I have driven, how fast I have driven, etc., what time of day (such as rush hour, rush hour), if you drive fast, brake, etc., they will be punished. I know why you are thinking about using it? I’m very young and insurance is too expensive here. It’s a new thing to make it cheap, but I know that theyl is coming. I just need or want to lay down and come to work or in an emergency, but I will be punished and if I do To pay high premiums.