Wi-Fi signal jammers ensure that mobile phones or tablets are hacked

In this case, it is best to avoid using the device or use it with a wifi jammer. This ensures that even if your phone or tablet is hacked, no one can use it to hijack your car. In addition, since Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been widely used for smartphone hacking, this simple measure can also protect your smartphone and all the data it contains. In order to ensure that no one is spying on you, we at Perfectjammer can advise you to block all wireless networks around you. For this, you need some of our equipment, and as long as you only need it temporarily, I suggest you use a portable Wi-Fi interference device for this. It will ensure the safety of 15 meters (50 feet) around you.

Certain Android smartphones are sometimes attacked, and Samsung Galaxy SIII is no exception. As you know, Android Beam is used to instantly and easily share content between two or more NFC compatible devices. The key here is NFC support, because this technology uses NFC for data transmission. The vulnerability lies in the NFC protocol. Hackers can replace tags and data containers in packages sent between devices via NFC, and gain full access to the target device. Therefore, your own phone becomes a GSM eavesdropping error. Usually, the whole process looks like a huge virtual gateway, hackers can use it to connect to your device remotely, copy, modify or even erase data in the device’s physical memory, access the network, intercept calls and messages, and even dial phone numbers. In this case, if he dials his own phone number, he will be able to listen to everything that is happening around the phone itself.