GPS jamming device will prevent others from being unable to capture the portal

Ingress is a GPS-based game provided by Google Inc. All you need for playback-a mobile phone with a camera and GPS module, and a mobile Internet connection. It is an augmented reality game, so you will have to interact with real world objects. I have linked to a blog post above that gives a full description of the game itself. We do not encourage cheating, but in fact, some of our portable devices may be helpful in this situation. Now, let us start deceiving gps jammer. If you use these devices near the Ingress player, they may lose GPS reception, in which case their mobile devices will not be able to obtain their coordinates. Therefore, if the player tries to capture the portal and you will turn on the GPS jamming device – he will not be able to capture the portal because his mobile device and the Ingress app will not know that they are nearby!

You can also try to use a universal mobile phone blocker for this purpose, but the effect seems to be different. As you know, the game requires an Internet connection to Google servers to run properly. However, if you want to use a general 2G, 3G, 4G signal jammer, all mobile Internet connections in the area will be blocked, and the player will exit from the server. Therefore, as long as the interfering device is working, you can keep holding the portal. I want to know whether instant messaging is in the UK or gps jammers are working globally? 2) Does it matter whether it only blocks gps and not mobile data? And vice versa 3) Currently having a jammer in the UK is controversial, so it must be small, very small and concealable. Cheap is also good 4) If this helps, please help me not to track and punish insurance companies that are making mafia, smart mileage and insurance boxes.