Signal jammers will prevent you from using cell towers to measure location

You should know that there are a lot of dangerous mobile applications, but “Find My iPhone” is a very cool application, it allows you to find lost or stolen iDevice, it can be iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac . The app will also show you the location of your mobile device, as well as driving directions. You can also set the device to “Lost Mode”, in this case, you will be able to set the image that will be displayed on the lock screen, and your phone will be blocked by a 4-digit password. Even if the device is set to silent mode, the device will play sound for two minutes. But the app has two disadvantages. First, if the device will be turned off, the app will not find its location, so it is very simple to avoid tracking by simply turning off the mobile cell phone jammer device. Therefore, this application cannot guarantee the 100% security of your iDevice, but we still recommend that you install it in Perfectjammer, which may help if you lose your mobile device.

Now let’s talk about using the app to track users. You should know that theoretically any device with an embedded GPS receiver can be tracked. And the mobile app uses GPS navigation and cell phone tower triangulation. This is very accurate, and anyone who has access to your iCloud account can see your location. If you want to avoid tracking – you can use A-GPS jamming devices to ensure that no one is looking at you. If your phone is lost or stolen, it will not be stuck and its location will be visible again! To make sure that no one can make video calls around you, you should try to block 3G and 4G at the same time, and this portable 3G/4G jammer device can achieve this. It will not only block 3G and 4G, but also 2G. What advantages will you gain? You can also block GSM and CDMA, and it will also block voice calls and text messages. Likewise, the signal jammer will prevent you from using cell tower triangulation to locate you.