Mobile jammer prevents students from cheating

The development of science and technology has enabled the rapid development of smart phones. Smart phones have become products of many people. Mobile phones on the market are cheap, easy to buy and easy to use. Many students now have their own mobile phones. In the Internet age, if they use mobile phones to query data, mobile phones are their important learning tools, but they use mobile phones to play games, etc., which will have an important impact on their learning. It not only affects the teacher’s classroom, but also affects the learning of other students, and more importantly, delays their good learning time. Although the school prohibits the use of mobile phones, students still bring mobile phones into the classroom. They also use mobile phones to cheat exams. The violations forced schools to install mobile cell phone jammer, which intercepted the signal from the mobile phones and prevented their mobile phones from connecting to the Internet. During the test, the mobile phone jammer was turned on to prevent students from cheating, thus ensuring the fairness of the test. In a sense, using cell phone jammers at school is a great thing.

A prison is a place where criminals are held, and its safety is related to life. With the development of the Internet, most criminals will commit crimes because of cyber crimes and fraudulent use of the Internet. Prisons should not only guarantee the safety of witnesses, but also protect the Internet and prevent criminals from contacting the outside world, thereby making it possible to escape from prison or other things that endanger the lives of others. With the development of science and technology, many prisons will now use high-power prison jammers to protect the security of the prison network, including intercepting signals, wifi, etc., to prohibit criminals from contacting the outside world, so that criminals can better reform. Wifi network is an important network signal in the Internet era. It is an important medium for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers to access the Internet. With the development of technology, wifi networks have also brought a lot of trouble, among which 8 antennas can be handheld WiFi jammers, which can interfere with 8 antennas. Frequency at the same time. It can not only block GSM 3G 4G 4G phone frequencies, but also interfere with GPS WiFi and LoJack. Blocking the phone signal and avoiding the use of GPS or LoJack tracking devices is your ideal choice. It also has strong power and good heat dissipation effect.