Mobile jammers help us manage time reasonably

Mobile phones are the most electronic devices we use today, and our communication and entertainment depend to a large extent on it. This is an important tool. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phones has greatly improved the appearance and functions of mobile phones, which has been sought after by many young people. Their fashion is favored by young people. There are also far fewer restrictions on using mobile phones, and you can see young people using mobile phones wherever they are. They rely too much on mobile phones, rely heavily on mobile phones, and cannot get rid of the control of mobile phones. Watching mobile phones while walking is dangerous and may cause traffic accidents. When driving, it is more dangerous to pay attention to the phone. Cars are more difficult to control than people. When playing mobile phones in high-speed cars, the consequences of accidents are very serious.

cell phone jammer is an electronic jammer device that sends or forwards an electronic jamming signal that will damage or deceive the enemy’s electronic equipment, thereby reducing its effectiveness and effectiveness. It will emit electromagnetic waves to destroy and disrupt normal work Electronic equipment. Enemy communications and radar equipment.

Jammers are divided into: transmitting pure clutter or clutter modulated signals to suppress enemy electronic equipment, obscuring or interrupting communication signals, or obscuring radar target echoes, and disabling the clutter jammer’s signal detection capability, after proper processing Receiving the enemy’s signal after forwarding, deceive, confuse, and destroy the normal operation of the enemy’s electronic equipment and the combined jammer with the above two functions. According to the classification of interference graphs, active interference can be divided into squeeze interference and deceptive interference graphs, but the active jammers or outboard active jammers of modern ship equipment can switch between these two interference graphs at any time .