Mobile jammer customization is very expensive

Mobile phone signal jammer (also known as mobile phone signal jammer, mobile phone signal blocker, mobile phone signal suppressor, mobile phone signal blocker, conference information confidential machine) is our company adopts foreign advanced technology, carefully developed according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communication A successful high-tech product, this product is independently developed and produced by our company. It can effectively shield the microwave signal between the transmitter and the mobile phone. Because this product adopts new imported original components, professional machine patch welding technology, mass production of assembly line, and efficient and strict management level, it guarantees first-class product quality, stable performance and long-term durability!

First of all, you need a suitable casing. The casing of the mobile cell phone jammer is made of plastic and sheet metal, which are basically customized. The second is the internal components, which is not difficult to buy, but the private purchase cost is relatively high and it is easy to buy substandard and shoddy products without professional knowledge, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality and life of the shield. If you can meet the above two conditions. The last and most critical requirement is that you need to develop the internal software of the mobile phone signal jammer yourself. The rules for using mobile phone jammers are all implemented through internally perfused software. Above, private production of mobile phone jammers is neither cost-effective nor difficult. It is better to find a professional shielding device manufacturer to make a custom purchase.