Walls will weaken the effect of cell phone jammers

The mobile phone jammer will not fail unless it is broken, but there are cases where the power is not large enough to shield the entire range. Therefore, it is recommended that before buying, the best way is to use a field strength meter to test the signal strength of your installation environment. The other is to buy a few machines with different powers, test them to see how effective they are, then decide, and finally choose a suitable machine. If it is used indoors, mobile cell phone jammer generally suitable for examination rooms, conference rooms, offices and other spaces can be low-power, gas stations need to use explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant; if it is outdoor, high-power mobile phones are required The jammer can reach the proper distance. Especially if there are certain requirements for wall penetration, there is a mobile phone signal jammer that can penetrate walls.

The shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. For a small range of 0-10 meters and an area of ​​less than 100 square meters, the 801 built-in single-channel 2W mobile phone signal jammer can be recommended. This product is economical, low-power shielding through the wall will weaken the signal, if you need to go through the wall, it is not recommended to buy this low-power. There is no base station within 1 km. Within 120 square meters, one is enough. Two units are recommended for 120-250 square meters. It is recommended to install one for large conference rooms within 150 square meters, two for 250 square meters, and four for 600 square meters. Installing more than 3 units in an area will form a honeycomb shielding effect. Therefore, when installing a mobile phone signal jammer, you must first understand your surrounding environment and the area used, and then decide which type of mobile phone jammer to buy.