Need someone to maintain the mobile phone signal jammer?

The mobile phone jammer only needs to connect the antenna correctly and turn on the power to work. The dealer only needs to read our installation training materials to master the on-site installation method. The installation can be placed in various positions such as walls and ceilings according to the requirements of security regulations. No damage to mobile phones: The mobile phone signal jammer only makes it unable to send or receive telecommunication signals when the mobile phone enters the shielded area, and the normal use of the mobile phone can be restored once it leaves the shielded area. Automatic operation, no need to maintain the phone number. The mobile cell phone jammer has high reliability and can work stably for a long time in various environments. According to the sensitivity of each mobile phone, it can make all kinds of mobile phones in the shielding range have no signal within ten seconds after turning on the phone, and achieve the shielding effect of all kinds of mobile phones receiving and sending signals. The phone resumed normal use.

When the magnetic field is weak, one classroom can be covered by installing one. When the magnetic field is strong, for example, there is a base station within 500 meters, a base station within 300 meters, a base station within 200 meters, a base station within 100 meters, and a base station on the roof. Prototype test can be carried out to strengthen the signal of the operator. In some occasions, such as teaching buildings, when we only tested one classroom, we found that the shielding effect was not very satisfactory, thus negating the function of this machine. Looking for a more powerful machine is actually a wrong decision, because a teaching building can range from a dozen classrooms to dozens of classrooms. When we install mobile phone jammers in every classroom, we turn them on and use them at the same time. , Then the local signal of this teaching building will be interfered by the signals emitted by multiple mobile phone signal jammers, so as to achieve the shielding effect. We have to realize this. To achieve the same shielding effect in the same area, it is more economical and more economical to use multiple low-power point-based installations than to use one high-power.