How many cell phone jammers are needed for a teaching building

In recent years, the continuous development and popularization of mobile phones and other communication tools, and the continuous improvement of the technical level of mobile communication tools, especially the promotion and application of 3G, 4G and 5G technology this year, which have confidentiality requirements for prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. The negative impact of the venue is becoming more and more prominent. In prisons, detention centers and other confidential places, all mobile communication tools are explicitly prohibited, not only for prisoners, but also for supervisors. If mobile phones are brought into prison and used by criminals, it will cause great harm to the management and safety of prisons, detention centers and other places. Some prisoners make phone calls, send text messages, obtain information, threaten witnesses by illegally smuggling mobile phones, and even form groups to escape from prison. For this reason, it is urgent to install cell phone jammer systems in prisons and other prison sites.

Before customers buy mobile phone jammers, we will ask where they are used and how far they are from the signal base station, so that we can accurately recommend mobile phone jammers that can achieve the shielding effect. There are also some places where the signal strength of the operator may not be clear. This requires our professional technicians to use professional equipment to conduct professional tests on the signal strength and field strength of the shielded places. Important admissions exams, qualification exams or final exams need to install a mobile phone jammer to shield the electronic signals around the exam room and prevent possible electronic cheating. So, how much area can the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room shield? Can only one cell phone jammer be used in an examination room to achieve the purpose of shielding? How many cell phone jammers should be used in a teaching building?