Are mobile jammers affected by the weather

In the same environment, the base station signal will also be affected by wind interference and air humidity. This will also cause fluctuations in signal field strength. In addition, there are differences in field strength between indoors and outdoors. Ground building structures and metal objects have a very complex adverse effect on mobile cell phone jammer. Reasonably plan the selection of mobile jammer equipment based on project funding. The selection of shielding equipment should pay attention to its shielding radius (ie power), performance stability, and life span. It should also be determined based on the site environment. At the same time, consider using a mobile phone jammer with adjustable radius (that is, adjustable power), or using a directional antenna to control the main emission area (direction) of the shielded signal.

The most important place for mobile phone signal jammers is the school examination room, especially the important examination occasions such as high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, and college English test band 4-6. There are also many schools that install cell phone jammers in classrooms for a long time, and they also use them during mid-term final exams in normal times. Some schools even turn on cell phone jammers during class. So, how to install a mobile phone jammer in the school examination room to have the best effect? We will elaborate separately for the above different situations.