Cell phone jammer installed in prison

Many commercial operators want to use cell phone jammer. Restaurant owners and theaters are just two examples of how often customers receive telephone complaints. Provide expensive network jammers in buildings to block cell phone signals (this is legal). It is understandable that hospitals also want to use signal jamming devices without affecting patients’ hesitation. Factories, churches, libraries, courts, and entrepreneurs hoping to increase employee productivity are all examples of potential technology customers.

In prisons, the judiciary poses a huge problem with smuggling because of the large number of undisclosed and undiscovered mobile devices. “The abuse of mobile phones in prisons is a safety hazard because there is no way to control the inmates’ contact with the outside world,” Stolpe said. For example, prisoners can use telephone calls to influence witnesses in court proceedings, make escape plans with people outside the organization, or organize drug dealings.

The investigation revealed that British prisons are facing a crisis caused by the smuggling of thousands of mobile phones. From the ever-growing criminal empire outside the prison walls to the intimidation and poisoning inside, each has its own drawbacks. Prison officials are now calling for a tougher approach to this “cancer”, including human intervention to stop the call, and they have been falling behind after banquets, drug parties, and bare ankles. Cell phone jammers are installed in prisons.