The growing demand for mobile phone jammers

According to reports, top manufacturers mainly sell cell phone jammer to the military and law enforcement agencies, but they sell the device to everyone and declare that the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the device is legal in the country in which it is located, and that the buyer bears full responsibility . Obligations to purchase, own or use equipment. The mobile phone industry opposes the use of these devices, and many people have invested in mobile jammers to solve the growing problems of mobile phone users.

Cell phones hidden in fish tanks, thrown on walls at night or smuggled by lawyers are increasingly being taken illegally to five correctional institutions (JVA) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. During the control period in 2014, 408 mobile phones were seized. In the first half of this year, there were 158 mobile devices. Five years ago, the Baden-Württemberg Prison in Offenburg was the first prison in Germany equipped with a mobile phone jammer. To avoid interference with cell phones outside the prison, 700 mini cell phone signal jammers have been installed throughout the hotel. The cost is approximately one million euros.