Cell phone jammers affect the surrounding Internet

Today, all kinds of electronic devices are emerging, some of which can even be camouflaged to evade detection. Cheating candidates enter the test room to output test questions to the outside world, and then people outside the test room help answer the questions, so as to achieve the purpose of cheating, and the basis of all this is that it must be through the Internet! In this case, cell phone signal jammer are especially important. How does signal shielding work? To put it simply, take a mobile phone as an example.

Mobile phones need to communicate with other devices outside the test room through signal towers, while wireless communication needs to be carried by electromagnetic waves. Depending on the properties of electromagnetic waves, both devices need to be within a certain frequency range. Send and receive, so the cell phone jammer is to affect the frequency of your electronic device, so that the frequencies of the two sides are different, so as to achieve the effect of shielding.

After connecting the socket to the blue box on the wall in front of the classroom, and turning on the switch on the left, the mobile phone signal of the self-study students in the classroom quickly weakened and disappeared. If you call any student’s cell phone, there will be a voice prompt: “The number you dialed is off.” After a few trials, the box on the classroom wall was a cell phone jammer. As for the two “black eyes”, they should be the same as the “look” of the probe on the road.