The emergence of mobile phone jammers is prohibited on the market

Afterwards, the reporter found a counter in SEG Digital Plaza and sold this “cell phone signal jammer” very grandly. Prices range from $100 to $500 depending on the shielding range. According to the little girl guarding the counter, they have set up the counter here for more than a month, and the business is not bad. This kind of cell phone signal jammer has been selling very well recently, and it can sell dozens of units a day. Pranksters also buy it to play…” The reporter also found a lot of information about the sale of this “mobile phone signal jammer” on the Internet, most of which are advertisements by manufacturers and retailers.

It is understood that Taobao has banned sales. There was an introduction to the device on its website last year, but on Alibaba, there are more than 3,500 apparently selling the device. A Shenzhen-based manufacturer called Dezhen even produced a wall-mounted cell phone jammer that looked like a decorative painting on the wall, but contained an antenna and a smart remote control switch.

The 2013 National Postgraduate Entrance Examination will begin today. Foreign language, professional courses and other major subjects for postgraduate entrance examination will be held today and tomorrow, and the examination subjects of more than 3 hours will be held on January 7. In order to strengthen examination safety, this year’s examination has undergone many reforms: not only did the new two subjects change to one question and multiple papers, all open classes were graded by computer, and mobile phone signal jammers covered the entire examination room to prevent high-tech cheating. It should also be noted that candidates must have a second-generation ID card to take the test.

In 2013, there were 271,238 candidates applying for Beijing admission units nationwide, an increase of 1,683 or 0.6% over the previous year. It is understood that this year’s postgraduate entrance examination reform includes: following the introduction of one question and multiple volumes in “English II” and “Comprehensive Ability of Management Joint Examination” in 2012, “English One” and “Political Theory” have been added this year with one question and multiple volumes. Candidates must tear off the “test question barcode” on the test paper and paste it to the corresponding position on the answer sheet, so that the machine can identify the test paper type;