Mobile phone jammers are used in daily education

During the test, there were phenomena such as cheating with the mobile phone when the mobile cell phone jammer was not connected. Play games on your smartphone or send text messages in the classroom. affect student learning. The main purpose of installing cell phone jammers in schools is to use support such as video surveillance. Install cell phone jammers to control the use of cell phones in students’ daily education. Students in class avoid cell phones.

As the name suggests, the shutdown device has the function of blocking the communication between the mobile phone and the outside world. It emits electromagnetic waves with the same frequency as the communication signal of the smartphone. This is to make it impossible for people to distinguish cell phone jammers from useful radio waves. The purpose of prohibiting the use of the telephone can be achieved. Mobile phone jammers are primarily used to perform critical tests. Cell phone jammers are usually turned off after the exam. All secondary schools generally restrict students from using cell phones at school.

Yesterday, the annual college entrance examination started again. These days, the Internet is flooded with news of the college entrance examination. As always, some people forgot to bring their admit cards, some went to the wrong test room, and some police uncles sent them to the test. Everyone shouldn’t be surprised. But there was a piece of news that successfully caught the attention of Jun Xiaozao. This is a piece of news about cheating in the college entrance examination.

Some netizens broke the news that on the afternoon of June 7, in the mathematics examination room, some candidates suspected of taking pictures of the 2021 national college entrance examination mathematics papers and uploading them to a search APP. After being discovered by the app staff, take a screenshot and report it. Soon, on June 8 (that is, today), the Education Bureau of Huangpi District, Wuhan City issued a report on candidate Wu Moumou’s fraud. Candidate Wu Moumou illegally brought a mobile phone into the examination room to take the papers, and uploaded it to the Internet using the mobile phone. Cell phone jammers don’t seem to work. The invigilator was negligent in safety inspections and invigilators.