Cell Phone Jammers Supervise Exam Work

What surprised him even more was that when his colleague used mobile phones of other brands, the call quality was not affected, but it was still inconvenient to use the colleague’s mobile phone card on his mobile phone. A colleague of Mr. Zhang also confirmed to reporters that he has often encountered this phenomenon recently, but the mobile phone signal will return to normal at night and in the morning. Zhang and his colleagues were very surprised. Mr. Zhang said that until a few days ago, he heard from a staff member of the “United Resources” company next door that the company had installed mobile cell phone jammer. “Why do you want to block other people’s mobile phone signals when you manage your own company?” Mr. Zhang and others thought it was incredible.

According to the unified arrangement of the Engineering Quality Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and the Vocational Qualification Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Transport, the 2012 National Highway and Water Transport Sichuan Examination Examiner Examination was successfully carried out in Sichuan Vocational and Technical College. Technical Institute June 9-10, 2012. The total number of applicants for this transitional exam is 6,138. After review, the number of qualified applicants was 5,070, including 4,644 for highway engineering and 426 for water transportation engineering. The number of applicants for the examination of the examiners is the highest in our province over the years. The tasks of data auditing, data processing, examination room layout, invigilator training, examination logistics support and other tasks are arduous tasks such as installing mobile phone jammers. The Department of Quality Supervision Station and Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Communications established a leading group for examination work. The Provincial Department of Communications attaches great importance to the assessment work. Chief engineer Chen Lesheng and leaders from various places personally went to the examination room to conduct supervision and inspection, and the Quality Supervision Bureau sent staff to conduct comprehensive supervision and guidance on the examination work in the Sichuan examination area.