Cell phone signal jammers have no effect on our lives

Radio frequency electromagnetic waves can cause the receiving antenna to generate radio frequency current. Theoretically, if the contact is poor, it will indeed generate RF sparks in the circuit, which can induce gas vapors. Zhang Bin, the fire evidence identification center of the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management, told reporters, “But this requires a high-power communication transmitter of hundreds of watts or even kilowatts, and the transmission power generated when we actually use a mobile phone is at the “milliwatt level, which is far from enough.” to ignite gasoline vapors. So radio frequency sparks triggered by cell phone radio waves are extremely unlikely to cause an explosion.

In this regard, Yin Qiang, an expert in oil circulation from the Ministry of Commerce, expressed the same view: “The expert test organized by Haining City just put the data in this way and came to a conclusion. It cannot be said to be rigorous, but the conclusion is correct. In fact, in real scenes, temperature, humidity, and pressure vary greatly. Especially this season, there is no danger. “In addition, many interviewed experts also said that with the advancement of technology, our mobile phones are basically touch-sensitive smartphones. Compared with the old button phones, it is safer to use because it does not have some mechanical operations. , so the possibility of electric sparks is very small, although the probability is very small, but the danger still exists, we need to use mobile cell phone jammer to stop.

We can choose cell phone jammers. Prison-specific deterrent devices are very important. Those with specialized knowledge should choose this device. There are several advantages. Different devices have different product qualities. People with professional knowledge can buy quality products. They can easily judge the quality by the appearance of the product. During the buying process, practical aspects can be considered. Prepare accordingly. Today’s signal shielding technology is very mature. In particular, the application of small cell phone jammers is expanding. It can play a decisive role in meeting your requirements. For many people, small cell phone jammers are commonplace in our lives. Not surprising at least. Compared with the use of professional military and police mobile phone signal jammers, the small truncation device is technically mature. The shielding effect is sufficient for ordinary users.