Cell phone signal jammer blocks target signal

Today’s mobile phone signal shielding instruments are all full-frequency bands. It can block all the next 2G3G4G5G signals, 2.4GWIFI signals and mobile phone Bluetooth signals of all the three operators of China Mobile and China Unicom Telecom. Its principle is based on its own outgoing frequency. In order to affect the frequency that the mobile phone receives from the communication base station and the wireless router, so as to shield them.

None of these can avoid deciphering based on which number segment and stock band deciphering, because no matter which number or stock band is used, it is blocked by it. There is also Bluetooth software, because its frequency will also be blocked by the mobile phone blocker. The only way is to install a mobile phone signal amplifier around the venue where the mobile phone signal shielding device is used to fight it.

The technical characteristics of general mobile phone signal shielding instruments are mainly based on the shielding principle, using many small output power or high power machinery and equipment to carry out resistance, and staying on simple technical specifications. High-quality mobile cell phone jammer instrument, its technical characteristics use strong signal data point frequency hopping technology, which is 150 times lower than that of general shielding technical radiation sources; outdoor shielding is the leading factor to reduce the radiation illuminance in the room by hundreds of times; multi-channel combination is used. Technically, the full-frequency wireless antenna replaces N divider wireless antennas, which is suitable for network remote adjustment and lays the foundation for the spread of wireless antennas;