Cell Phone Signal Jammers Can Affect Communication Base Stations

The mobile cell phone jammer adopts the technology of wireless antennas all over the place, effectively distributes the shielding output power, spreads the power signal, reduces the radiation source of the wireless antenna, gives dozens of times higher efficiency, and at the same time avoids blind spots and leakage; Jike’s unique TD At the same time technically, for China Mobile G (TD-SCDMA) and 4G (TD-LTE) Internet, only the sliding pilot frequency slot is blocked to avoid the impact on the communication base station, and it has been approved by the Mobile Radio Management Committee. At the same time, the radiation source is reduced by dozens of times.

At this stage, there are various well-known brands of cell phone signal jammers on the market, but they are basically divided into two categories: cell phone signal jammer engineering machines and ordinary machines. To put it bluntly, construction machines are generally used to standardize new projects with high requirements, and their characteristics require stable functions and 24-hour continuous operation. Ordinary machine is a general household machine, its characteristics are unknown, and there are problems that endanger other people’s signal application.

Many mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers on the market are positioned as high-end brands. The services of such high-end manufacturers are relatively good, and the products are also doing quite well. Of course the price will be higher. When choosing a 5g mobile phone signal jammer, you can compare different manufacturers to see if they are professional solutions or professional products. In contrast, those who specialize in products are relatively indulged in technical details. control is very strict. It is recommended that you compare and consult different manufacturers, shop around and then choose to buy, so that you can buy products with super cost-effectiveness.