Cell phone signal jammers maintain order on special occasions

The application scope of smart phones is getting wider and wider, and the technology is getting more and more advanced. Now mobile phones have become a necessity of our life, as indispensable as our organs, and almost everyone needs to have them. But the mobile phone is a double-edged sword, and it brings a lot of problems while providing us with a convenient life. It is reported that people who are addicted to mobile phones are like drug addicts. The survey found that Mr. Yan relies on mobile phone personnel to draw more than a thousand times a day. And in some special occasions, mobile phones cannot be used, but there are still many people who do not use mobile phones according to the regulations, so we developed a mobile phone signal shielding device, referred to as a mobile cell phone jammer which can effectively block mobile phone signals and maintain special order of the occasion.

It is easy to understand that the frequency of mobile phone signal interference violates the frequency that the mobile phone accepts the communication base station. There is a competitive connection between the shielding and the communication base station. If the signal interference signal strength is lower than the output power of the natural environment communication base station to the wireless channel of the mobile phone, then the signal cannot be shielded. , only the signal interference output power exceeds the output power of the communication base station to the mobile phone to ensure reasonable shielding. Therefore, all mobile phone jammers will show different shielding distances when used in different signal environments, and mobile and China Unicom Telecom will be different because of the relative density of communication base stations built by these three operators. Both the communication base station direction and its communication base station output power are unlikely to be consistent.