Cell phone blockers spark in between

In Austria and Germany illegal: they are sold on the Internet anyway

Vienna – The thing has many names: Cellular Silencers, GSM cell phone jammer, Mobile Interruptors, Cell Phone Blockers. Its beneficial functioning is always the same: it puts mobile phones out of service.

The cell phone blocker (we stay with the beautiful German term) sparks between the communication of Sprechgurkerl and the nearest network mast. With interference signals (so-called radio firewalls) their contact is interrupted. If a carrying telephone therefore enters the sphere of action of such a device (depending on the equipment between 15 and 50 meters radius), the beeping, beeping, chirping and noisy conversations about the nature of the bowel movements of the domestic dog are over. On the display of the handset then appears only the simple message “no network”.

Theaters, restaurants

These jamming transmitters, developed by an Israeli company, are mainly used in boardrooms, theaters, banks, restaurants or prisons, according to Vienna Telecom expert Wolfgang Prentner. In Japan, the blockers are legal, in Austria or about Germany, their use is prohibited.

“Handy blocker”, so Michael mushroom, lawyer and connoisseur of the Telekom law, “are in Austria no admitted terminals, because they disturb the regular radio operation.” Both their possession and their commissioning is not permitted. “And as a possession is also a provisional custody of such a device, so anyone caught in the entry with it, can not speak out on a friend.”

However, no one really needs to take such risks. The cell phone blockers are offered on the Internet and sent on request unobtrusive by mail. On www.alarm.de, an electronic dealer for espionage needs, for example, the “SPYTEC Blocker” for 3300 marks (23,100 shillings, 1547 EURO) sold. In the competition, www.policesystems.de, the “PSI 2098 E Cellular Blocker” is already around 1980 Mark (13,860 shillings, 1007 EURO) to have. Because of the ban, however, both dealers point out that the devices are “only for export” thought.