Will the Handyblocker also be used in Germany’s schools

Definitely yes. Many teachers write us letters and mails that they are happy to have the cell phone jammer and use it constantly. Thus, they avoid any trouble if mobile phones have to be taken from the student or confiscated. The anger with the parents is then inevitable. But we also offer base stations, which have more power and provide several classes with dead spots. Most schools have cascade ceilings somewhere in the building. The base stations are simply placed in the ceiling or bolted to the wall and turned on by the teacher at the beginning of the lesson by remote control. Some schools have solved the problem in this way and have installed 2 – 3 base stations throughout the school in the ceilings. Thus, the entire school is supplied (depending on size). Each teacher then has a remote control in his pocket that is slightly larger than a previous 5 mark piece. Thus it is possible that in some schools there are 20 remote controls per device. The good thing about our system is that every blocker remote also responds to any base station. Otherwise you would have for 3 blockers 3 different remote controls in the bag. That would make the whole thing very awkward again. You can also connect the fixed stations with a power cable and switch on all blockers centrally from the staff room.

The students often get annoyed at the beginning that they suddenly have no reception, but find it out pretty quickly, because they do not know where the cause of the radio hole is and the attention is again focused more on the lessons. This will benefit everyone, teachers and students in the end.