GPS and mobile phone woes: peace and quiet at last

Mobile phone blocker against the cell phone location

Mobile phones are relatively easy to locate. Since they have to log on to different radio cells again and again and each cell phone has its own identification number, a location can be relatively quickly. Of course, this can be done a bit faster with GPS and, above all, more accurately.

However, these signals can be blocked or superimposed relatively easily. This requires signal jammer, so-called cell phone jammers or cell phone blockers, which do nothing but disturb the signals mentioned above.

The jammer ensures with its interference signals that the mobile phone can no longer establish contact with the radio cells, accordingly, there are no SMS or calls. So you also have the advantage that you have your peace.

Mobile phone / GPS jammer hold only briefly

The device is relatively small, so you can also carry it in your pocket. However, the range is limited to only ten feet, so it’s more for the small circle. After three hours, the fun is over, because then the battery must be recharged.

Such a GPS and cell phone jammer you get on the Internet for around 25 euros.

Cell phone jammer in Germany: unauthorized frequency usage

What about the legal requirements? Is that allowed? The answer is clear: you can not do it as a private person. The rights to use the GSM frequency bands are auctioned by the Federal Network Agency among the mobile network operators for a lot of money. Only the winner of the auction is entitled to use his auctioned frequencies.

Since a GSM jammer is just a transmitter – a jammer – is not allowed to use it if you have not bought the frequency. The operation of a mobile phone blocker by third parties is a frequency use without frequency allocation and therefore prohibited. Fines of up to € 50,000 can be imposed. If you want to know more: A look in this article on the legal situation of cell phone whining worth it.

Who n use cell phone jammer?

In Germany there are now occasional projects by authorities in which, for example, prisons use jamming devices to disturb the signals of prohibited cell phones from detainees. This is allowed.

In France jammers may also be used in cinemas, theaters and at public events, in Germany, however, this is still prohibited.

What speaks against the use of cell phone whining?

The ban also has a good reason. It may be annoying and annoying, for example, when a cell phone ringing destroys the mood of a performance, but it does no harm.

But if someone in the cinema suffers a heart attack and it can not be called immediately because of a cell phone jammer an ambulance, it may cost a human life.

The alternative for just a cell phone: The Phonekerchief

Legally on the safe side you are with the Phonekerchief, a cloth made of a fabric that suppresses the reception of mobile signals. Although this variant does not require power, it does require direct access to the phone to wrap it up. Besides, you can just turn it off right away.

Conclusion: Better not resort to self-help

Although mobile phone blockers can be obtained relatively simply and cheaply on the Internet, in Germany the use of private zones and companies is prohibited. As an organizer, restaurateur, cinema or theater operator, there is still nothing left to do other than to inform its guests and visitors that mobile phones are to be switched off. If you use cell phone jamming instead, it can be expensive.