Deadly anti-portable weapon Jammer

Sullied by the telephone conversation of a passenger who screams his “private” life in front of a whole wagon? Two solutions open to you: gently tap on the shoulder to signify your annoyance or, more treacherously, cut him off by activating a cell phone jammer.

Called “cell phone jammer” in the United States, jammers send waves that prevent the laptop from connecting to the network. This, within a radius of five meters for the smallest, to several hundred meters for the devices intended for the police.

An act punishable by a fine of 450 euros in France, where only penitentiary centers and theaters are allowed to equip “radio facilities making inoperable mobile phones. “(Article L33-3 and 39-2 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code)

Provider of twenty French prisons, Pierre-Yves Daumas and his company Magnum Telecom, also delivered individuals until they receive a warning letter from the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) in December 2007 :

And, as evidenced by the application emails received by the company, parents are not the only ones to have easy scrambling. A teacher wants to “limit unwanted inconvenience of laptops during classes (in any discretion of course). A university professor says “tired of laptop pumps by students” during exams.

Other types of clients: the operating room of a clinic, doctors ‘offices indisposed by customers’ laptops, a pharmacy, construction companies wanting to “prevent the driver / operator from being distracted by calls during his service” , a sales representative who wants to be quiet during his appointments, a restaurant owner, Mexican banks .