Would I be able to block the signal of FreedomPop wireless network?

Hello everybody! I have heard that next year there will be free wireless service in U.S. called FreedomPop. Would I be able to block its signal around me?

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So you have probably already figured out that there would be real wireless spree next year! And you need to be ready for it because all public places would be crowded with WiFi and Bluetooth users texting, talking and typing on their laptops and smartphones that would be served by FreedomPop. And to do that effectively you need a FreedomPop signal jammer that you can carry in your pocket and have no problems from wireless connection addicts!

In my opinion, this is what it is. In general and logically, the stronger the network is where you stand, the harder it will be to jam the signal.
– Outside, not even worth trying, except by being stuck on the phone that we want to scramble.
– indoors, everything depends on the structure of the building, and the strength of the signal that passes. I had good results in supermarkets; for example.
– in public transport: everything also depends on the strength of the signal at time T; I had great results in trains and buses, but not at train stations, rather in open country.