How can I avoid being spied by Russian GLONASS system of my iPhone

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve discovered that iPhone 4S has official GLONASS support. What can I do to prevent this Russian satellite system from tracking me?

Stable, Office of high power performance jammers, may be business continuity, interference signals of different frequency bands, especially for large-scale locations, so that close to the phone and various signals are fully shielded.
As you have probably guessed, the GLONASS system can track you down in the same way as GPS does, but it uses slightly other frequencies to operate. Thus in order to fully secure yourself from those tracking systems you need to use iPhone 4S tracking jammer that would block the signals of both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems and leave your location unknown to them.

In general, GPS jammers with good coverage, mini-compact size, low price. You attract and if so, why not now do not buy one if you have a better sense of security. You must note that, GPS signal jammers to block only GPSL1 car tracker signals. The need to avoid that other GPS band, you can buy other types of jammers.