Can I make my WiFi bandwidth to stop going low?

Hello everybody! You know, I hate that my WiFi bandwidth works like crazy, going low when it wants. Does anybody know how can I fix this problem for sure?

Everyday we have heard a lot of complaints, the protection of privacy is broken, we do everything to organize other people and various espionage, such as the National Security Authority hidden.That’s why we decided to interfere in a store to provide you with some suggestions how to protect your privacy and various gps jammier devices and not to hurt anyone else.First, we hope you remember blocking signal is a weapon, it can be nasty with the fact of evil, so watch out.

Want to know how is that? Here is the example. Imagine a school bus full of schoolgirls watching Justin Bieber HD video using the nearest WiFi tower, that is actually happened to be the tower you are using too. Even if you have no technical education I guess you understand how overloaded your WiFi tower is in such case. In addition, you are not alone suffering from this problem because there are other normal WiFi users as you are relying on that tower’s bandwidth.

Still you can help yourself and your neighbors to stop paying for the WiFi that is used by somebody else. If you use the WiFi jammer in the area near the tower (but not the tower itself) where the WiFi bandwidth might be stolen accidentally or on purpose you make your WiFi bandwidth stop going low and your pleasant home leisure will be saved!