How can I avoid being caught by Cambridge Consultants small cell phone base tower?

Hi people! I have recently heard about the company called Cambridge Consultants and their powerful gadget named small cell phone tower. Can I hide from it?

There are no restrictions on the use of jamming devices in the United States, but broadcasting on specified frequencies without a license is prohibited. But, I guess when your privacy or the privacy of those you love is in danger all means will do the trick. But you must keep in mind that we should not forget the rights of others. So there are simple principles of using a jammer safely.

This pocket size base tower looks like an ordinary cell phone, yet it has more powerful functions. It can be used as the base tower to improve the signal of the surrounding cell phones or even create one in the area with no stationary base towers. Cool, right? Yet this system has one significant danger – it grabs the ID of your mobile phone that can be recorded and used later by other systems for tracking purposes.

But don’t be afraid! You can prevent this awful thing from happening. All you need to do is to use Cambridge Consultants small cell phone jammer because their device uses the same frequencies as any particular mobile phone. Your mobile phone ID number will be absolutely secure and no worries would bear your mind!