Is it possible to block mobile phone signals in the whole school?

Hi! I have a client school that has asked if it is possible to set up a system such that the entire school (inside) is blocked from cell phone use. They already post signs CELL PHONES NOT PERMITTED INSIDE SCHOOL FACILITIES however both the students and the staff don’t comply! So the board has requested a ‘..cell phone cloak…’ to block all cell useage inside of the building.

In refeAs for 4G, you need to use another device – XLG15 4G LoJack jammer. It is not desktop but portable one, so its jamming radius is smaller thus you need 4-6 units to cover each floor. As for WiFi interference, you may not worry about it. If you read the first part of the article about frequencies we jam, you’ll see that GSM band is far from WiFi, and in second part you’ll see that 3G is also far from dangerous range. The only threat for your WiFi network is the 4G signal jammers because its frequencies are really close to the WiFi frequencies. I can advice you to take one XLG15 and test if it will interfere with the WiFi network of your school. If so then there would be two options: leave 4G band for students and staff to use or accept the fact that your smart boards and security cameras will work worse than they should.

You know, the problem of students using mobile phones and other personal gadgets in schools is not new but different schools deal with it in a different way. You have decided to block the whole school from mobile devices and maybe it is right thing to do. In any way, I hope my answer will help you to manage this matter successfully! 🙂

rence to the mobile phone, many people first think of its convenience to our lives. While different people in different situations may have different opinions on the same thing. In many situations, the mobile phone is not as good as before. For example, mobile phones can cause distraction in education, especially at school. So there is a hot topic about whether the mobile phone signal blocker should be used at school. As we all know, there should be a limited time to learn that it’s school. Playing with the cell phone is something that many people like, but it can hurt things we need to do. In classrooms, teachers do not like the continuous rings of the cell phone because they naturally disturb the order of the class. So many parents and teachers advocate the use of the mobile telephony signal blocker at school. Maybe it’s not feasible and legal to confiscate students’ mobile phones. But it is polite and reasonable to use the cell phone signal jammer in class. This is the big role of the cell phone jammer in education. There should be a time to do the things we like, like paying attention in class. Where can you get the cell phone signal blocker to catch the attention of your students?