Can I prevent airplane pilots from texting in cockpit?

Hello everybody! I was looking for some details about texting while driving on the internet and stumbled upon article on Mashable about Australian pilot used cell phone and almost crashed a plane. Can I prevent such thing somehow?

If you would try to approach the problem from the other corner I will disappoint you too. While almost all problems which have cell phones involved might be solved with the help of cell phone jammers there are few ones which may not, and this one related to the cell phone usage in the airplanes is one of them. Do not, I mean it, DO NOT use any kind of signal jammer inside the flying plane! You will risk your life along with few hundreds of other people’s lives, including both crew and passengers. If any system of the plane go wild because of wireless signal interference, there will be low chances for you to survive the plane crash.

So in case of pilot using cell phone jammer you can’t do anything to prevent him from doing that. The only thing you can hope for is that he is either conscientious or his superiors simply made it clear that no cell phones or other gadgets must distract a pilot from driving the plane. And, of course, you can wait in hope that the system that allows to disable cell phones inside the plane without harming its other systems will be invented someday.

In this regard, I did a simple questionnaire survey, of which the respondents were mainly divided by age group, one was teenagers, one was middle-aged and the other was elderly. Their views on this issue are different, but they all aim to strengthen the protection and use of their rights and interests. The Internet has a different view of the problem, and for people who are deeply disturbed by the noise of the phone, they are eager to see that the phone jammer can be legally used